Who we are

our purpose

5 Capitals is an expanding and exciting firm, comprising a diverse group of highly qualified professionals delivering world-class sustainable solutions and strategies to our Clients spread across 5 continents.


The cornerstones of our business are our people, a culturally diverse, intellectually gifted and widely experienced group, as well as our ethos of sustainability which is firmly embedded in balancing and enhancing the five types of capital assets essential for successful development.


We provide original specialist advice in the environmental, sustainability, compliance and management arenas to Clients involved in all areas of municipal, governmental, industrial and commercial activity, public, private and not for profit organisations.

We have the experience to understand complex situation and potential project pitfalls and add value by supporting our Clients to navigate there successfully.


5 Capitals, established in Dubai, UAE in 2007 now operates from regional offices in the Middle East, Europe, ASEAN and Africa. We have developed an enviable rich portfolio of projects and are trusted advisors to several long term Clients, particularly in the Power, Water, Mining, Development Planning and Compliance Management Sectors.

We specialise in addressing the challenges that emerging economies and rapidly growing markets face, particularly from compliance, regulatory, funding, risk and reputational perspectives. We understand the cultures, speak the languages and recognise the challenges faced.

We are always original in our delivery and always find the appropriate solution. We seek to raise the benchmark of excellence each time we embark on a new project; we always want to delight our Clients and as a business we continuously look to push to new levels of delivery and into new business realms.

At 5 Capitals we believe in what we do, in the tangible impact that we have on the world in which we live and in the value that our Clients tells us that we add.

At 5 Capitals, we believe in the impact of our work, the difference it brings to the world we live in and the value it brings to our clients.

Sustainable Impact & Impacting Sustainably

“Our people, Our team, are Our Jewels. Diverse, intelligent, adventurous, culturally aware individuals with the highest integrity who understands how to be part of the solution. The whole is much greater than the sum of its amazing parts.”


We are fortunate to be in a position where we have the ability, through our work, to impact the future in such a meaningful way. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are very passionate about the way in which we deliver on this.


We are even more fortunate to be able to deliver this diverse and wonderful environments and cultures. The sophistication of our Clients in the emerging economies within which we operate and the understanding of the challenges that they face invigorates us.


It is in this almost symbiotic relationship with our Clients where we thrive and where we deliver our best work. When we jointly embrace the need to consider all aspects of development and keep them appropriately balanced is when we are able to push the envelope and allow our specialist solutions meet the aspirations of our Clients.


Above all, we are passionately committed to what we do, who we do it for and who we do it with. We work seamlessly as a team in this age of “e” communication through our various locations and deliver on some of the most interesting & exciting projects in the world.


We were speaking the language of sustainability, both social and environmental in our home markets before it was trendy, we are still forging new horizons and helping clients excel in their sustainable aspirations.

Andrew Burrow

Managing Director


Social Commitments

We seek to always practice what we preach. We believe that we must act ethically and with sensitivity in all aspects of social, cultural, economic and environmental issues.


Team 5 Capitals has an on going commitment to help the less fortunate in several of the countries in which we work. In particular we try to focus on giving children a better chance and a new horizon through education, we also reach out to other disadvantaged groups.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

– Winston Churchill.


We believe in building and sustaining strong relationships and networks with a wide range of specialist organisations and individuals with key expertise or experience.


As a consequence we are able to convene groups with complimentary business and technical skills to work together in partnership to tackle problems where the “sum of the parts” makes all the difference in ensuring success.