In Vietnam, 5 Capitals has had a 6-year relationship with Global Wealth Consultant. The Vietnamese partnership brings professionally qualified and internationally experienced staff with expertise in Project Management, Social Consultancy and the Legal Sectors.


The partnership allows the maintenance of close relationship with local Vietnamese authorities, thus being able to assist with the effective communication between the Vietnamese and English language speaking members of the projects in which we engage; and providing a familiar presence locally.


Of particular relevance regarding our experience in Vietnam is our work on a coal-fired IPP, which started with an initial gap analysis of E&S documentation against lending bank requirements.


Based on inconsistencies in the scope of the EIA prepared by the local consultant, 5 Capitals were engaged to undertake an updated and full ESIA prepared specifically for lenders, as well as project-specific management plans, guidance on resettlement and ongoing consultancy for the developer to reach financial close.