5 Capitals provided environmental due diligence for ACWA Power during their acquisition of CEGCO, which included intrusive sub-surface soil investigations using GeoProbe to minimise times, costs, survey footprint and damage to surfaces.


5 Capitals has been heavily involved in the development of the Zarqa CCGT power plant, which was built on land at the decommissioned Hussein Power Plant. The Project received direct finance from IFC and EBRD, for which 5 Capitals prepared ESIA documentation and worked closely with a local partner to secure MoEnv regulatory approval. Further to the EIA & ESIA studies, 5 Capitals undertook quarterly environmental & social auditing during the construction phase to ensure Project compliance with lenders and regulatory finance and permitting conditions respectively.


5 Capitals has also undertaken preliminary EIA studies to assist developers at the bidding stage of the Ma’an PV and Tafilah wind projects, as well as overseeing bird migration studies for the latter.


5 Capitals were also directly involved in preparing the construction environmental & social management plan for the Al Rajef wind project.